Clans On The T.V.

Back in January of this year I received a contact on Club Web Site from Colin Briggs of the BBC TV in the North East. He told me that he was producing a series called Timeline and that one programme was to feature car production in Washington to show that there were others before Nissan, namely The Clan Motor Company.

Initially Colin suggested that they were looking for cars to film at the Nissan factory. So I duly contacted Dave Angles who got in touch with members in the North east and informed them what was happening and asked if they would be available. Some weeks and many e-mails later it transpired that Colin Briggs intended to interview Paul Haussauer at his home Nr Witney in Oxfordshire, so as I am less than 20 miles from there I offered my car should it be needed. The result of my offer was that Colin Briggs and his cameraman Steve arrived at my house in Banbury at lunchtime on 26 February and after a chat about Clans, I handed over as much information on the factory and the Club as I had and we went off in search of somewhere to film, before we went to meet Paul. I had already arrange with Dave Williamson that he meet us at Paul’s complete with LUP 62J.

From Banbury we went out to Broughton castle, home of Lard Saye and Sele, filmed many times before in things like Noels House Party and Three Men and a Little Lady, to see if there was any chance of a few shot outside the Castle. As luck would have it we met Lord Saye and Sele, who gave his permission to film. So for the next two hours my Clan was filmed stationery and on the move from static and moving cameras. I was also interviewed whilst sitting in the car and during it all I was only told off once by Lady Saye and Sele who thought I was driving too fast round the grounds. “I thought I was being very restrained”. The filming finished with the Classic Headlight flash and overtake of the moving camera van.

From Broughton we drove over to Paul’s House where Dave and his car were waiting. I had not met Paul before and found him charming, very friendly and willing to talk about all things Clan as well as what has happened since. After tea, biscuits and looking at many photos we took both cars to Minster Lovell and found a place to film on the road outside the Church. Many more shots were taken, including some of Dave’s rallying photos from his album, Paul was interviewed in front of the cars and we finished with the two Clans driving away.

Colin and Steve thanked us all for our time and help and then carried on to more filming in Bristol. Dave and I headed for home and I dropped Paul off on the way with a promise to keep in touch and update him with what is happening in the Club. On my return to Banbury I called into Sainsbury’s for some provisions and after reversing into a parking space was told by another motorist that my reversing lights were not working, I said “it doesn’t have any”, “must be the fog warning lights I saw then” he said, “doesn’t have them either” I replied, “I thought all cars had to have them” he answered. I then improved his knowledge of what is and is not required of Classic cars!

After filming I contacted Dave Angles and told him what had happened and we awaited a call about filming in Washington, but despite a number of e-mails from me and calls from Dave no one was contacted until the day before filming took place and it was impossible to get any cars to the Nissan factory, so Chris Eldridge, who painted Clans, was interviewed minus cars. Great shame, as with a little more notice Dave could have arranged to have cars at the Nissan factory.

However the final programme filmed on Tuesday 17 April and in look north on Friday 20 April is Impressive ( sorry Imp Club ) and I think that Colin Briggs and his team should be congratulated on a great production that showed the Clan and all who built them and now own them off to their best advantage.

James Spencer.