Prod Sport Clan RC001

Johnny Blades

Prod Sport Clan Crusader RC001

Prod Sport Clan Crusader RC001

The Pale Yellow Heron Furniture Prod Sports Racing Clan Chassis No CR001 driven by Johnny Blades had 7 outright wins in the 1973 Motoring News GT Championship

Power is provided by a 998cc Imp engine built by Johnny Blades Chief Mechanic, John Burn.

Initially it had a Hartwell engine which failed on the cars first outing at Thruxton due to overheating oil.  This was cured by adding a second oil cooler in the tail.  The engine uses a standard crank, 998cc pistons, standard but polished rods, an R23 camshaft and twin 40 DCOE Webbers.  It produces 105 plus bhp.

Transmission is a Jack Knight F3 type gearbox with straight cut gears and dog tooth engagement, it is fitted with a limited slip differential.

The suspension, modified by John Burns, controls the wheels in such a way that an absolute flat contact area is maintained across the tyres full width under cornering, whilst giving little contact in a straight line, what there is being on the inside edge because of the amount of negative camber on all four wheels.

Fiat 124 springs lower and stiffen the trailing arms to the rear with the bearing housing re-welded at a more suitable angle and the trailing arm pivot bushes repositioned.  It is claimed that the rear wheels go up and down in a perfectly straight plane.

Front springs are standard Clan with lowering achieved by raising the top damper/spring cup mounting.  Height adjustment is then altered by shimming.  The inner mounting brackets of the Imp based wishbone suspension are modified so that the rear bushes sit 1¼ in higher than normal and the front bushes ½ in lower.  The correct amount of negative camber is achieved by modifying the king pin carrier.

Shock absorbers are Armstrong Competition front and rear.

There are no anti-roll bars and the suspension remains reasonably soft, to the extent that the ride remains good.

The rack is slightly repositioned with spacers to remove bumpsteer.

Firestone slicks are fitted to 13 in x 8½ in MRE Competition Wheels, 8½ section at the front and 9 in section at the rear.

The Modsport Shell has thinner laminate, a full FIA glass-fibre roll over cage, laminate windscreen and polycarbonate side and rear screens.  It has big black wheel-arch eyebrows to ensure the wheel and tyre remain legal.

The standard Clan drum brakes are retained with VG95 linings and the dual circuit system is aided by a servo from and export Escort 1300 GT.

Engine cooling is by an angled water radiator in the front luggage compartment fed from a low air scoop in the nose.

The car is not a Factory Entry as only the shell belongs to the Clan Motor Company, who undertake to repair body damage, all the mechanical part are owned by Johnny Blades and maintained by John Burn and the exercise has cost Johnny Blades a lot on money particularly in Tyres!