Missing Clans

Race Clan

In 1973 a race Clan chassis RC002 was owned and raced by Mike Gidden & Dave Reynolds including at Silverstone in the 6 Hour relay race organised by the 750MC.

Does anyone have a photograph of this car that shows the registration number or can tell me what the registration number was.

Please contact me at jimmcewan2@hotmail.co.uk

(posted 5/2/12)


Would anyone with any information on which Clan had the registration number APT 89L please contact the club via the ‘contact us’ page or email jimmcewan2@hotmail.co.uk

(posted 30/11/10)

LEV 04708

Orange Crusader – last known whereabouts was Rheinau-Honau in Germany
but is believe to have been sold in Sept 09?

(posted 13/1/10)


Red Crusader (left hand drive) – last known whereabouts was Freuth in Germany?

(posted 13/1/10)

COD 865L

Red Clan Crusader – This car is now in France and the owner would like to trace the ownwership history between 1973 & 1979.

If anyone can help please email jimmcewan2@hotmail.co.uk

XOO 888

Blue Clan Crusader
If anyone remembers owning a Blue Clan Crusader between 1973 and 1976 with the registration number XOO 888 or has any details on this car during this time period please contact the owners club via the ‘contact us’ page or email jimmcewan2@hotmail.co.uk

It is believed that the original owner was a Peter Eden from the Darwen/Blackburn area and used the car on the private plate, the original number being OJC 753M
(updated 10/8/08)

JLB 892K

Clan Crusader – Red (Burgundy) originally Brown
Last known owner was a Lady by the name of Helen (surname unknown) in Barnet in 1975

BDF 500K

Clan Crusader, colour – British Racing Green
Stolen in London 1995

HAN 228K

Yellow Clan Crusader –
The club would like to trace the original owner from 1/4/72 until March 73 when it was advertised for sale by Gold Seal Sports Cars of Camberwell in Motor Sport magazine in March 73.

(Updated 24/6/10)

MHU 777L

White – Clan Crusader –
Last seen in Newtownards. Northern Ireland.
(last of the batch built for the Production Sports car Series)

It is believed that the car was owned by a Mr. Robert Morrison from the Newtownards area and was seen at Croft in 1978 with a turbo fitted

(updated 10/8/08)

SYG 881L

Yellow Clan Crusader –
Last seen around 1989 at Thorne near Doncaster.

Car was accident damaged and sold afterwards, whereabouts not known.

(updated 30/10/13)

WWW 554L

Blue Clan Crusader
Last seen in Leeds around April 1979 – believed stolen? never recovered.


White Clan Crusader –
Last seen in Halifax around 1990
Now believed to be in field in E. Yorkshire
(updated 26/07/10)

MWP 359K

Yellow Clan Crusader –
Last seen on TV programme ‘Treasure Hunt’ 3/1/85 near to Warwick Castle.
Later reported to be in the Wolverhampton area around 1992